About Us

Our Mission

To be the foremost high level amateur soccer program in the Northwest region through hard work and preparation.

Our Motto

We take the DNA of each individual player and mold it together as one; forming a team that is bonded together and stronger than the sum of its parts.

Our Vision

  • Develop professional caliber soccer players by maximizing their athletic and technical abilities.
  • Surpass the current level of competition in the Oregon Premier Soccer League (OPSL).
  • Progress the sport through creativity, innovation and professionalism
  • Train your hardest to play your hardest.
  • Win and lose with class and great character.

Club History

DNA Futbol Club was founded in Portland, Oregon, during the Fall of 2009. DNA FC’s first-ever OPSL season was successful in some ways but arduous in others. Nevertheless, DNA FC earned plaudits and the respect of our peers by never quitting no matter the score, and displaying class win or lose. DNA FC takes great pride in staying steadfast to our original core values and mission: to be the best amateur soccer program in the Northwest region. The culture of our club is one of hard work through training, staying humble, never giving up no matter the situation and always pushing on towards an upward trajectory.

The Present and the Future

The DNA FC staff knows what it takes to be the best amateur soccer team in the Northwest.  We take great pride in watching how each season through hard work, DNA FC has improved–each and every season. Each season our players grow, each year we achieve new club records–to the point to where we now push the elite clubs in the OPSL. The DNA FC squad has become stronger, more athletic and more international.  The style of play is distinct and explosive with an emphasis on sound technique and great character from our players.

Through hard work and preparation, DNA FC players are now earning college scholarships, and getting observed by professional scouts for professional opportunities. Professional players also love joining in with DNA FC for training, and our DNA FC training sessions, lead by Coach Moises have quickly become the stuff of local soccer lore as the place to be, for their intensity, innovative methods, and fun, but competitive atmosphere, where players push themselves to new levels.

The Spring 2011 OPSL season marked a breakthrough long in the making, DNA FC, finished 2nd on total points, a club-record, made the playoffs for the first-ever time, and advanced all the way to the OPSL Championship Final, playing the final match in front of over 350 fans. Although DNA FC held the lead, and played our hardest, we eventually did not win, but the standard for DNA FC has been set–continual improvement through hard work.