Young and brave DNA FC falls in the season opener, a rematch of the championship final 5-1

Saturday night March 23, 2013

Buckman Field, Portland, OR


By Moises Arellano

So much for starting with an easy one, not in this tough as nails league, the OPSL, a very young, and a very brave DNA Futbol Club played brilliantly for many long stretches–DNA FC never backed down from the task at hand but in the end the experience of IPS prevailed. Kind of a stalemate for much of the first half somehow ballooned to 5 goals at the end. Yet DNA FC created much and had the ball for a lot as well. Michael and Wyatt combined beautifully to get an important and deserving late goal. Many DNA guys missed by mere inches. A missed timed step here & there turned into goals for the rivals despite great effort. A loss is a loss but this was somehow more promising.

Let’s start with the absolute and honest truth

This Spring brings a new kind of excitement and energy but probably the biggest challenge yet in DNA FC history. A totally rebuilt and retooled team!  Oh don’t get me wrong there is talent in spades but everyone, players and coach knows whole-heartedly and accept the challenge at hand, it will take a good chunk of the season to forge a true team, those true DNA teams that typically like a right of passage– DNA FC forges into a unit season after season;  in other words it’s not a big concern as much as it’s the competitive fire from the people within, wanting to fast forward through the opening credits and dialogue and getting to the explosive action scenes in the middle part of the movie.

Case in point, IPS fielded nearly the exact same team as not just the team that prevailed in our rematch of the championship final but of their last 4- league titles in a row. Don’t ask me how they do it all these years but forget the titles, even in the pros where they pay the biggest money like in the EPL that’s a feat in and of itself. Talent is good but that undeniable advantage is knowing how and what and where guys are moving.

The sky is the limit with DNA FC

DNA is proud to announce to the world that many of our players move on to college programs, including 2 starters just weeks ago, Edwin and Stevie. We helped them every step of the way. Others go pro, go to law school, pursue studies in Europe, open art galleries, start businesses, even join the U.S. State Department. It’s awesome stuff. Rebuilding for those reasons is a massive point of pride that’s actually more like reloading in our book with–good people with more good people.

On the minus side greed can also prevail with all the aggressive street recruiting by other teams that for example DNA FC was not immune to. But hey it’s a free country and the door is open for players that feel they’re finding nirvana elsewhere. For DNA FC even more fuel to the fire and new villains to motivate us. DNA FC is a club that always comes back harder and always attracts the top talent in our region. That was on full display Saturday night. The kids really played an exciting brand of futbol. It was super fun to watch them grow literally right in front of us Saturday night.

Serious skill this season or DNA FC

The young guys showed some serious ability and skill. They looked super lively and energetic. Best of all. Very coachable–all the traits that last season’s team struggled with some times, veterans do some things and they do other things–but in this match the one and only really lacking ingredient was a little more tussles for the young dudes. That extra bit of been there confidence that allows you to rally a game despite the score and momentum. That comes with living some battles. No doubt game #1 was just what the doctor ordered in that regard. They faced an old and grizzled team that knows each other backwards and forward. So that”s a notch on DNA’s belt going forward.

Now the key is to build on that wonderful passing and spirit and convert those key chances when they are created. Cant wait for week #2.

Happy Holidays for 2012 from DNA FC!

Portland Holidays

The Holidays in Portland

Happy Holidays on behalf of everyone with  DNA Futbol Club!

We would like to thank everyone for their support all year-long and although we bravely lost in the championship final it was another massive step for the club, finishing in 2nd place in our league and the state of Oregon is a very impressive feat. We are very proud of finishing runner-up and all we accomplished this season, another strong chapter in DNA FC history on all levels from players and staff.

2nd championship final in 4-seasons and 4-straight trips to the playoffs!

DNA FC battled through adversity and gave it their all and the great news is they’ll be back stronger than ever. The breaks didn’t fall their way this time but the fellas are already thinking of  what it’s going to take to finish the deal and we’re all excited for the upcoming year, lots of players have called in dedicating next season as a season long rematch mission. In the words of the great former DNA FC striker Manu who follows updates closely from San Diego,, “We will be back, we will do it the DNA way, it’s about the team, we don’t rely on one guy, we are a team, we will be back stronger, better than ever every season–we will prove the doubters wrong, we will believe in ourselves, in our coach, in our program, that’s the DNA way.”

We are thankful for those that support us through the good times and the bad, true friends, truly wish you a very Happy Holidays!

The Holiday season is always a time to reflect on the past, and a time to look forward towards the future; but the true beauty of the holiday season is to be thankful for the present. It’s a time to be thankful for those that surround you, support you, and believe in you through the good times and the bad, and to those that stand beside us, we humbly wish you and your loved ones a truly happy holidays!

Lots of exciting things in store. Stay tuned. Moises

New DNA FC Video: Highlights from the big PLAYOFF WIN 2-1, over Kells FC Swoosh!

Awesome footage and highlights here folks. You can see how tight the match was and how DNA FC really had hang tough to get the win. Lots of great players out there on the field & some good looks at that here, a super killer game overall really.

<p><a href=”″>Fall 2012 OPSL Playoffs</a> from <a href=””>DNA FC</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

It’s now official–DNA FC will take on Kells FC Swoosh in Semifinal #1 of OPSL Playoffs!

The OPSL Trophy in all its glory!

The OPSL Trophy in all its glory!

The Fall 2012 OPSL Playoffs are upon us and the semifinals are now officially set. DNA FC will take on Kells FC Swoosh in the first semifinal on the night.

WHAT: OPSL Playoffs

WHEN: 6pm, Saturday, December 8th

WHERE: Buckman Field, Portland, Oregon

It will be the 3rd meeting between the clubs this season, this after both teams split their season series evenly (1-1). Both teams are coming into the playoffs with some momentum, Swoosh has been on a tear all season long and earned the #1 seed in the league. While DNA FC is riding in on a 4-match unbeaten streak. The level of play should be outstanding.

About DNA FC:

  • DNA FC never-say-die attitude and a miracle turnaround season

The young men from DNA have come a heck-of-a-long ways. After (4) matches they had exactly zero points. They righted the ship and really improved every week. It was an amazing transformation, unlikely, but incredibly inspiring. The guys put in all the work necessary to get to the playoffs, even if the playoffs were once a distant dream after the rough start. They arrived.

The talk all week will be about remembering what got them there and keep on doing what they’ve been doing to stay in that groove.

About Swoosh:

  • Kells Swoosh on a tear this season

Bulldozing through their opponents, Swoosh has displayed few weaknesses this season. They hit a mini-slump losing their bid for an undefeated season by losing to EMFC and DNA FC, they later bounced back and finished strong and claimed the #1 seed on points.

Should be some good footy played by these two familiar foes.

Stay tuned for more details. Moises

After earning their playoff spot, DNA FC rests up this weekend, readies for next weekend

This season is about the number (4) for DNA FC

→(4) consecutive seasons in-a-row DNA FC challenging for the OPSL Cup

Last season had a bittersweet end to a magnificent campaign, DNA FC missed the Championship game by only 1 measly point, many DNA FC players thought it could have been the strongest DNA rendition to date. That group faced a similar journey and was peaking at just the right time, winning their last game (8-1). That group didn’t get the chance, this group does get the chance to go out and show it. This season, the playoffs are back and DNA has a lot to look forward to, mainly the ability to test themselves against the very best to see how far, how much they’ve improved as a group. It’s going to be an exciting week in DNA land.

→(4) straight losses to begin the season

The early season blues were a tough stretch to live through for DNA. Accustomed to a certain level, standard of play, it was gut-wrenching to see all the decimating early season defensive injuries, offensive and defensive struggles, the losses piled up with this young group. It’s easy to be a part of something when everything is going right, but when things aren’t so easy, people reveal their true character, better or worse.

Some people piled on, thought they were better or could do it better, we said thank you and goodbye to them. Others cared and asked what was wrong? But there was only one way out, wasn’t there and that much was clear to the club.

As a group when you go through something like that, your feet put to the fire like that every week; you find out who really is on the same side and willing to go back to the drawing board and put in the work in training as one group; you find out who really are the ones who make it about them. You also find out who can work with their backs to the wall and go into each match week-after-week as if it’s their last and sacrifice for a collective goal.

We found out a lot about the character and resiliency of this group and it was great news!  Overwhelmingly guys stuck with it! It was awesome to watch. Guys just cared, their effort went up week-after-week you saw improvement. Development. Different guys stepped up, guys sacrificed and just stuck with it, never said die, and here we are today, a massive turnaround that few thought possible except those that wear the DNA FC jersey and are our true fans.

Thank you to all for believing!

→(4) consecutive-game-unbeaten streak

That’s not a typo. 3 clutch wins versus: PCU, Kells Swoosh, and champions IPS,  plus a heroic draw on the road down in frigid Eugene. That has DNA FC feeling pretty optimistic heading into the playoffs, although the opponent is yet to be determined, they know if they play the same way they’ve been playing then they’ll be in the game with a good chance to get it done.

Stay tuned. Moises

DNA FC Gearing up the Horsepower for Another Outstanding Season! Fall 2012 ahead!

There’s little doubt, DNA FC is the hottest men’s amateur soccer club in the Northwest.

How do we know this you might ask? Each and every season, as a team DNA reaches new super-tall-sky-scraper heights… the following keeps growing. Show up to any DNA FC match and even the opposition gets a little more juiced to play DNA, the fan base is awesome, turkey gobbling sounds and all!

There’s just something about these DNA guys!

Largely, because DNA FC stays true and steadfast to the mission and values of the program, to develop exciting players, play amazing soccer and compete for the OPSL Championship each and every season. Progress every year. No player is bigger than the program, we only work with those that want to work. We also know it works. There’s a track-record.

Not only does DNA FC play one of the most exciting brands of football, but they play in the DNA FC way: a style that we’ve all worked hard to develop. The players thrive-in the style and further develop their skills. As the V8 keeps rumbling we accomplish not only our team-wide goals, but proudly, guys are going on to success in college and the pros, hardly victims of our own success, new muscle and talent is called upon  and added into the mix. That’s the mark of a successful program.

DNA FC players thriving in college soccer programs all-over America & having a good run in the pros

Guys are turning pro and having success after having played for DNA FC, check out Ali Alnoaimi’s recent success in the UAE Pro League and his debut in the Asian Cup. Other DNA FC players are reaching rocket blasting heights in their level of play in Colleges all because of hard work. Stay tuned for a College feature piece outlining the success of our DNA college contingent.

DNA FC a true United Nations…successes all the way from the U.S. State Department, to UCLA Law School, and OHSU Medical School to Intel and to the Portland Timbers Academy…and more success… all over. 

DNA FC guys are absolutely top class and experiencing success in all walks of life. It’s a great group of guys that have truly valued professionalism and have professional values in all walks of life. The hard-work on and off the field is paying off for DNA guys.  DNA guys have goals in life outside of soccer but also remain passionate about the sport. Stay tuned for more coverage on this.

Team Accolades an Impressive Run-down

  • Spring 2012:  DNA FC beat every-single-team in the OPSL at least once.
  • 3 seasons in-a-row DNA FC has either made the playoffsor narrowly missed out on the championship.
    • Spring 2012: Missed Championship Final by 1-point .
    • Fall 2011: Lost in semi-final playoffs to eventual champions.
    • Spring 2011: Lost in the Championship Final after taking the lead.
  • (31 points) in (19 games) over last 2-seasons.
  • (50 points)  over last 3-seasons (29 games).
  • #1 scoring offense Fall 2011. 
    • Incredible 40 goals in 10 games. 
    • Out-scored the next closest team by a total of 7 goals.
    • Best offensive single-season for a team over last 3 OPSL seasons.
  • #2 scoring offense Spring 2012.
    • 25 goals in 9 games.
    • Excellent offensive production toughest schedule ever: each team played each other 3x.
  • Top individual goal scorers last 2-consecutive-seasons in-a-row.
    • 2 different players
  • #2 overall team defense in league Spring 2012.
    • 2nd least amount of goals allowed anchored by outstanding goalkeeping.
    • (21 goals) allowed in 9 games.
    • #2 in overall goal-differential (+4)
  • It’s all systems go these days for DNA FC!

Opposing managers love to sweet-talk DNA’s progress but plot new ways to slow them down Continue reading

DNA FC just misses out on 2nd OPSL Championship Final

Saturday night June 23rd, Buckman Field, Portland, Oregon

By Moises Arellano

The Spring 2012 OPSL Season came to an electrifying end on Saturday night at Buckman Field, and in the process it also concluded DNA FC’s Spring Season.

The match pitted two well-known and respected DNA FC rivals Ips Marathon vs. Kells FC Swoosh. The scenario was this: DNA FC needed arch-nemesis, Ips to win and thereby enable DNA FC to advance to the final (15 points) where in turn, they would then face that very same Ips team they needed to beat Swoosh.  A little wacky, yes but the invitation to the final was a very real possibility on the night.

Before the match the standings looked like this:

1. Ips (16 points)

2. DNA FC (15 points)

3. Swoosh (14 points)

DNA FC found themselves at rest, proudly finishing their season with a solid, 8-0, win over PCU. The awkward part was being forced to wait, and half-heartedly cheer for their rivals for a 2nd win over Swoosh. DNA FC did their best to take it all-in as a group by going to watch the match first-hand. A good size contingent of DNA players were in attendance.

With Ips winning last week’s next-to-last match over Swoosh, DNA had to hope they could repeat that effort, and set-up a the championship match against those same rivals in what would surely be a firecracker of a final. Any way you look at it, for DNA FC, it was nerve-racking have it all out of their control, but it was exciting.

The draw for Swoosh would also get them in, on the tie-breaker on head-to-head results, despite the even goal-differential. Based on last week’s results, a Swoosh loss was the only way DNA FC would advance for a shot at the OPSL Cup. For 43 minutes it nearly happened.

Despite Ips’ strong first 43 min. Swoosh takes control for good

It was easy to tell that Ips was trying their best to win, as early on they created tons of chances, tap-ins really, and Swoosh stemmed wave after wave of attack for 43 min. Swoosh scored off of a trademark counter-attack cross, header and that seemed to suck the life out of Ips. Seconds later it was halftime.

Swoosh saved the best performance of their season for the 2nd-half

It was quite a surgical display put on by Swoosh in the 2nd-half. Their gunners were all suited-up and put together some excellent buildup play and finished like the pros do. After the sublime free-kick by Ponce of Swoosh, it was all but over because that seemed to charge them up even more and scored a 3rd and 4th goal and had near misses on a couple more goals. Total control for Swoosh. Final 4-1.

The table finished in this order:

1. Swoosh (17 points)

2. Ips (16 points)

3. DNA FC (15 points)

Only 2 points separated 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, which clearly shows how ultra-competitive and insanely tough the OPSL Open Division is. It all came down to the last game even though DNA FC had a solid winning record (5-3) and (15 points), that’s just tough. A bit unlucky.

DNA FC had a fantastic season, one proud club

There’s nothing that can take away the fact that this was one of the best seasons of all-time for DNA FC Continue reading