Donate to DNA FC

DNA FC is a Non-Profit Organization [501 (c)(3)]

When we started this club in 2009 we were told “you are crazy” and “you will never be successful”. It is amazing what we have accomplished since then.  Moving into our 6th season and 3rd year of running the club, we have come light years from where we started.  We started at the bottom with no wins and to many losses to count and now we are at the top, fighting for a spot in the championship match yet again.

DNA Futbol Club was established as an official Oregon Non-Profit Organization [501 (c)(3)]. Essentially what this means is that we can start accepting donations and launch our capital fundraising campaign!  Now more than ever we need your support and the support of the community.  As we have matured, our fans have grown and the quality of our play has improved dramatically.  We want to continue to offer the same quality product that our players and fans now expect, however, we can no longer carry the financial burden needed to take this club to the next level. We need your help!

Our goal is to gain partners who have the same passion for soccer and desire to invest in the future of young, talented, hard working athletes.  We want to help these athletes fulfill their dreams to take their game to the next level whether that be to go to college or the pros.

Our current fund raising campaign  goal of $3,000 will pay for all club expenses including but not limited to the following:

  • Fall 2015/Spring 2016 League Fees

  • New Uniforms/Warm Ups

  • DNA FC apparel

If you are interested in becoming a financial supporter of DNA FC, you can contribute directly through the DNA FC PayPal account or contact us directly for more information by filling out your contact info below or dropping us a line at

If you would like to donate towards the cost of a specific cause such as, for example, $20 dollars towards a new soccer ball or even say $200 towards towards helping cover a new entire set of balls. Everything helps!

These is a special group of guys and we are real lucky to have such talented and hardworking players. We need your help to take this club to the next level. We are not just a another soccer team, we are DNA Futbol Club.

Best – DNA FC Staff