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New DNA FC Video: Highlights from the big PLAYOFF WIN 2-1, over Kells FC Swoosh!

Awesome footage and highlights here folks. You can see how tight the match was and how DNA FC really had hang tough to get the win. Lots of great players out there on the field & some good looks at that here, a super killer game overall really.

<p><a href=”″>Fall 2012 OPSL Playoffs</a> from <a href=””>DNA FC</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

It’s now official–DNA FC will take on Kells FC Swoosh in Semifinal #1 of OPSL Playoffs!

The OPSL Trophy in all its glory!

The OPSL Trophy in all its glory!

The Fall 2012 OPSL Playoffs are upon us and the semifinals are now officially set. DNA FC will take on Kells FC Swoosh in the first semifinal on the night.

WHAT: OPSL Playoffs

WHEN: 6pm, Saturday, December 8th

WHERE: Buckman Field, Portland, Oregon

It will be the 3rd meeting between the clubs this season, this after both teams split their season series evenly (1-1). Both teams are coming into the playoffs with some momentum, Swoosh has been on a tear all season long and earned the #1 seed in the league. While DNA FC is riding in on a 4-match unbeaten streak. The level of play should be outstanding.

About DNA FC:

  • DNA FC never-say-die attitude and a miracle turnaround season

The young men from DNA have come a heck-of-a-long ways. After (4) matches they had exactly zero points. They righted the ship and really improved every week. It was an amazing transformation, unlikely, but incredibly inspiring. The guys put in all the work necessary to get to the playoffs, even if the playoffs were once a distant dream after the rough start. They arrived.

The talk all week will be about remembering what got them there and keep on doing what they’ve been doing to stay in that groove.

About Swoosh:

  • Kells Swoosh on a tear this season

Bulldozing through their opponents, Swoosh has displayed few weaknesses this season. They hit a mini-slump losing their bid for an undefeated season by losing to EMFC and DNA FC, they later bounced back and finished strong and claimed the #1 seed on points.

Should be some good footy played by these two familiar foes.

Stay tuned for more details. Moises

After earning their playoff spot, DNA FC rests up this weekend, readies for next weekend

This season is about the number (4) for DNA FC

→(4) consecutive seasons in-a-row DNA FC challenging for the OPSL Cup

Last season had a bittersweet end to a magnificent campaign, DNA FC missed the Championship game by only 1 measly point, many DNA FC players thought it could have been the strongest DNA rendition to date. That group faced a similar journey and was peaking at just the right time, winning their last game (8-1). That group didn’t get the chance, this group does get the chance to go out and show it. This season, the playoffs are back and DNA has a lot to look forward to, mainly the ability to test themselves against the very best to see how far, how much they’ve improved as a group. It’s going to be an exciting week in DNA land.

→(4) straight losses to begin the season

The early season blues were a tough stretch to live through for DNA. Accustomed to a certain level, standard of play, it was gut-wrenching to see all the decimating early season defensive injuries, offensive and defensive struggles, the losses piled up with this young group. It’s easy to be a part of something when everything is going right, but when things aren’t so easy, people reveal their true character, better or worse.

Some people piled on, thought they were better or could do it better, we said thank you and goodbye to them. Others cared and asked what was wrong? But there was only one way out, wasn’t there and that much was clear to the club.

As a group when you go through something like that, your feet put to the fire like that every week; you find out who really is on the same side and willing to go back to the drawing board and put in the work in training as one group; you find out who really are the ones who make it about them. You also find out who can work with their backs to the wall and go into each match week-after-week as if it’s their last and sacrifice for a collective goal.

We found out a lot about the character and resiliency of this group and it was great news!  Overwhelmingly guys stuck with it! It was awesome to watch. Guys just cared, their effort went up week-after-week you saw improvement. Development. Different guys stepped up, guys sacrificed and just stuck with it, never said die, and here we are today, a massive turnaround that few thought possible except those that wear the DNA FC jersey and are our true fans.

Thank you to all for believing!

→(4) consecutive-game-unbeaten streak

That’s not a typo. 3 clutch wins versus: PCU, Kells Swoosh, and champions IPS,  plus a heroic draw on the road down in frigid Eugene. That has DNA FC feeling pretty optimistic heading into the playoffs, although the opponent is yet to be determined, they know if they play the same way they’ve been playing then they’ll be in the game with a good chance to get it done.

Stay tuned. Moises

DNA FC Gearing up the Horsepower for Another Outstanding Season! Fall 2012 ahead!

There’s little doubt, DNA FC is the hottest men’s amateur soccer club in the Northwest.

How do we know this you might ask? Each and every season, as a team DNA reaches new super-tall-sky-scraper heights… the following keeps growing. Show up to any DNA FC match and even the opposition gets a little more juiced to play DNA, the fan base is awesome, turkey gobbling sounds and all!

There’s just something about these DNA guys!

Largely, because DNA FC stays true and steadfast to the mission and values of the program, to develop exciting players, play amazing soccer and compete for the OPSL Championship each and every season. Progress every year. No player is bigger than the program, we only work with those that want to work. We also know it works. There’s a track-record.

Not only does DNA FC play one of the most exciting brands of football, but they play in the DNA FC way: a style that we’ve all worked hard to develop. The players thrive-in the style and further develop their skills. As the V8 keeps rumbling we accomplish not only our team-wide goals, but proudly, guys are going on to success in college and the pros, hardly victims of our own success, new muscle and talent is called upon  and added into the mix. That’s the mark of a successful program.

DNA FC players thriving in college soccer programs all-over America & having a good run in the pros

Guys are turning pro and having success after having played for DNA FC, check out Ali Alnoaimi’s recent success in the UAE Pro League and his debut in the Asian Cup. Other DNA FC players are reaching rocket blasting heights in their level of play in Colleges all because of hard work. Stay tuned for a College feature piece outlining the success of our DNA college contingent.

DNA FC a true United Nations…successes all the way from the U.S. State Department, to UCLA Law School, and OHSU Medical School to Intel and to the Portland Timbers Academy…and more success… all over. 

DNA FC guys are absolutely top class and experiencing success in all walks of life. It’s a great group of guys that have truly valued professionalism and have professional values in all walks of life. The hard-work on and off the field is paying off for DNA guys.  DNA guys have goals in life outside of soccer but also remain passionate about the sport. Stay tuned for more coverage on this.

Team Accolades an Impressive Run-down

  • Spring 2012:  DNA FC beat every-single-team in the OPSL at least once.
  • 3 seasons in-a-row DNA FC has either made the playoffsor narrowly missed out on the championship.
    • Spring 2012: Missed Championship Final by 1-point .
    • Fall 2011: Lost in semi-final playoffs to eventual champions.
    • Spring 2011: Lost in the Championship Final after taking the lead.
  • (31 points) in (19 games) over last 2-seasons.
  • (50 points)  over last 3-seasons (29 games).
  • #1 scoring offense Fall 2011. 
    • Incredible 40 goals in 10 games. 
    • Out-scored the next closest team by a total of 7 goals.
    • Best offensive single-season for a team over last 3 OPSL seasons.
  • #2 scoring offense Spring 2012.
    • 25 goals in 9 games.
    • Excellent offensive production toughest schedule ever: each team played each other 3x.
  • Top individual goal scorers last 2-consecutive-seasons in-a-row.
    • 2 different players
  • #2 overall team defense in league Spring 2012.
    • 2nd least amount of goals allowed anchored by outstanding goalkeeping.
    • (21 goals) allowed in 9 games.
    • #2 in overall goal-differential (+4)
  • It’s all systems go these days for DNA FC!

Opposing managers love to sweet-talk DNA’s progress but plot new ways to slow them down Read the rest of this entry

DNA FC just misses out on 2nd OPSL Championship Final

Saturday night June 23rd, Buckman Field, Portland, Oregon

By Moises Arellano

The Spring 2012 OPSL Season came to an electrifying end on Saturday night at Buckman Field, and in the process it also concluded DNA FC’s Spring Season.

The match pitted two well-known and respected DNA FC rivals Ips Marathon vs. Kells FC Swoosh. The scenario was this: DNA FC needed arch-nemesis, Ips to win and thereby enable DNA FC to advance to the final (15 points) where in turn, they would then face that very same Ips team they needed to beat Swoosh.  A little wacky, yes but the invitation to the final was a very real possibility on the night.

Before the match the standings looked like this:

1. Ips (16 points)

2. DNA FC (15 points)

3. Swoosh (14 points)

DNA FC found themselves at rest, proudly finishing their season with a solid, 8-0, win over PCU. The awkward part was being forced to wait, and half-heartedly cheer for their rivals for a 2nd win over Swoosh. DNA FC did their best to take it all-in as a group by going to watch the match first-hand. A good size contingent of DNA players were in attendance.

With Ips winning last week’s next-to-last match over Swoosh, DNA had to hope they could repeat that effort, and set-up a the championship match against those same rivals in what would surely be a firecracker of a final. Any way you look at it, for DNA FC, it was nerve-racking have it all out of their control, but it was exciting.

The draw for Swoosh would also get them in, on the tie-breaker on head-to-head results, despite the even goal-differential. Based on last week’s results, a Swoosh loss was the only way DNA FC would advance for a shot at the OPSL Cup. For 43 minutes it nearly happened.

Despite Ips’ strong first 43 min. Swoosh takes control for good

It was easy to tell that Ips was trying their best to win, as early on they created tons of chances, tap-ins really, and Swoosh stemmed wave after wave of attack for 43 min. Swoosh scored off of a trademark counter-attack cross, header and that seemed to suck the life out of Ips. Seconds later it was halftime.

Swoosh saved the best performance of their season for the 2nd-half

It was quite a surgical display put on by Swoosh in the 2nd-half. Their gunners were all suited-up and put together some excellent buildup play and finished like the pros do. After the sublime free-kick by Ponce of Swoosh, it was all but over because that seemed to charge them up even more and scored a 3rd and 4th goal and had near misses on a couple more goals. Total control for Swoosh. Final 4-1.

The table finished in this order:

1. Swoosh (17 points)

2. Ips (16 points)

3. DNA FC (15 points)

Only 2 points separated 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, which clearly shows how ultra-competitive and insanely tough the OPSL Open Division is. It all came down to the last game even though DNA FC had a solid winning record (5-3) and (15 points), that’s just tough. A bit unlucky.

DNA FC had a fantastic season, one proud club

There’s nothing that can take away the fact that this was one of the best seasons of all-time for DNA FC Read the rest of this entry

DNA FC defeats OSSA U-18’s, 7-4, in OPSL exhibition match!

Thursday May 31st, 2012, Buckman Field, Portland, Oregon.

By Moises Arellano

DNA FC defeated OSSA U-18’s, 7-4, in a fun official OPSL exhibition match this past Thursday night at Buckman Field. OSSA features many different college bound players, meaning it was a great test for both teams to gauge their own levels and work off some rust. DNA FC has 2 very important league games coming up, starting this Saturday night, so the match proved great timing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

DNA FC scores 1st goal early–turns on auto-pilot, and pays for it

OSSA was up the task and proved to be tough competitors, even down early 1-0, they were quick and alert and took a 2-1 lead. Clearly a wake-up call for DNA FC, they were found scrambling to boost their effort but as the game wore on, you could see the rust peel away and it was evened 2-2 at the half.

DNA FC scores 4 goals in 2nd-half to take control

The 2nd half saw an improved DNA FC, really start to click and as they took a 7-2 lead. Seemingly the match had swung back in DNA FC’s favor. The DNA players regained their form and put together some good-looking plays, they were looking like themselves again. Titi, Edson, AB and Jason all got in on the action. OSSA had some good play as well and were rewarded with 2 more goals, when they pounced on a couple of miscues, they alertly capitalized.  Final score 6-4.

Up next: 8pm. Saturday night, Buckman Field, Portland, Oregon vs. IPS.

*Note: Special Wishes from DNA FC staff and players for inured OSSA Goalkeeper

On behalf of DNA FC, we wish you a speedy recovery and best wishes as you recover and rehab your injury. Injured during an accidental and brave collision with a DNA FC player on a 1v1 in the box, both players took an unfortunate blow. We always have our fingers crossed when these great athletes who put their body on the line have these type of accidental collisions. Stay up.



Major League Soccer’s Portland Timbers humiliated at home by Cal FC, amateur club!

Thursday May 31, Jeld-Wen Field, Portland, Oregon

By Moises Arellano

Cal FC beats MLS Portland Timbers 1-0 in USOC.

Photo Courtesy: Thomas Boyd, The Oregonian

In what has to be one of the biggest upsets in American sports, and one of the most humiliating losses in U.S. Soccer and Major League Soccer’s history, Cal FC, a recently formed amateur team from the United States Adult Soccer Association, shocked the U.S. Soccer community and humiliated the Portland Timbers senior squad, beating them 1-0, in their own house. Mi casa, su casa. Right.

For the second time in a month, another amateur team has beat a Portland Timbers squad, last time it was PSA Elites beating a Timbers PDL (College) team though, this was the big boys, led by the 1.5 million dollar striker Kris Boyd (Former Glasgow Rangers, and all-time scorer) and veteran Captain Jack Jewsbury.

Yes, you read that right, a team from an equivalent league to the OPSL, but based in Southern California advances well into the U.S. Open Cup, and now earn the right to play at the Seattle Sounders, and that’s largely because Cal FC doesn’t even have a field to call their own, and probably play at a local park or high school like many amateur clubs. The Timbers also now miss out on a dream match-up with rival Seattle, and an assured big home pay-day, surely Jeld-Wen would have been a packed and a rocking madhouse with fans of both NW clubs salivating for that derby.

It’s hard to find an equivalent to this ordeal in other American pro sports leagues, but it would be safe to say and wouldn’t be hard to imagine given the lack of effort from some overpaid pros we’ve all sometimes witnessed; say the Portland Trailblazers–who have also distinguished themselves lately with putrid play on occasion. That if presented with a similar match-up of a hungrier and well-organized team of discarded and overlooked up and comers, playing with purpose and heart, that they too, may have also have folded as easily as toilet paper as they’ve actually done since the legendary closer Brandon Roy retired.

But that’s where Soccer is different. And it would probably behoove U.S. Soccer and MLS (blushing) to promote this win for Cal FC and to actually provide other high-level amateur leagues like the OPSL with some form of support–from equipment to financial support–to promote the sport and hope the next Messi or Ronaldo is being nurtured in leagues like the OPSL, busily training, and lurking, and ready to be spotted in one of these type of matches; and to not bury this upset as some sort of excused filled-hiccup, and to actually tout this as the different and accessible nature of MLS compared to other sports leagues. It takes guts to play against amateurs, it’s a shame other leagues don’t try it. Surely, there is also  a talented local player even in Portland that’s fallen through the MLS cracks. A lot to be learned here.

Need more proof see: PSA Elites, and Cal FC.

In truth, this is even more of an upset Cinderella story than an NCAA Tourney #16 seed beating a #1 seed (which has never happened by the way) because those teams play on a largely even playing field (ahem) regulated by a strict governing body and strict eligibility rules and every one of those teams and players operates on a scholarship system and get to train every day in their very own gyms and own weight rooms, and walk around as big-men on their respective campuses and even have a cheering squad. Heck, they even can afford their own uniforms and equipment with their own school name on it.

Let’s put this in perspective for a second. The flagship professional soccer team of Oregon, from-youth-to-the-pros, the one with the fancy digs, with a madly passionate, loyal and rabid fans (I raise my hands there) that gets paid to fly all across the nation in jets to play other MLS teams, even get to be on T.V. and get paid to practice at a multi-million dollar brand spanking new private practice facility and get paid to have their daily choice of uniforms to wear, to kick brand new balls, have trainers, and dress in shiny bright new cleats galore. Yes they lost to a start-up group amateurs who don’t even have a home stadium, and who until last night played in left-over–donated Chicago Fire uniforms from a few seasons ago. You read that right, they played in hand-me downs until last night, that read “Fire” on them, like well amateur teams sometimes do hoping to look famous.

Yet, it did happen, an amateur team beat the Timbers in their own stadium in front of their own fans (5,000+)

More eyebrow raising than all of that, is the Timbers have their very own pick of the litter with literally tens-of-thousands of talented players to select from all over the nation and world, also charging hundreds of eager players $150 for just the right to even have a tryout.

The Timbers have searched many different continents for their guys from the  West African Coast, to the jungles of Colombia to the creme de la creme of NCAA D1, and then onto  the very expensive highlands of Scotland. They have their dudes.

The problem is somehow the amateur team ended up with all the players with any heart. Fingers will be pointed at the very top places but it’s hard to imagine a pro-player not having the heart and competitive desire to put an amateur team away in their own place.

As written here before. Amateur teams face all kinds of obstacles, from even securing practice time and space, working around people’s busy schedules, school, work, family obligations. Not to mention equipment and sponsorship.

One thing a good amateur team from a great league like the OPSL doesn’t lack is heart. Whether its DNA FC, or Cal FC. You can’t teach heart. Maybe it’s because we all do face those obstacles that we’re better off for it and play and teach the game for the right reasons even when it pours rain on us as it tends to do in Oregon, and perhaps that’s why the soccer gods smiled and the sun shines on all us amateurs, for once. Today.

Best of luck to Cal FC against the Sounders, but there’s nothing amateur about continuing to win with heart. Not sure if your riding a bus to Seattle, carpooling or flying coach, but keep on doing what your doing.

DNA FC comes through with another great win, 5-3 over PCU!

Sunday May 13, 2012. Buckman Field, Portland, Oregon.

By Moises Arellano

As has been mentioned here before, DNA FC brings excitement to every OPSL match, win or lose–in this case they opened it up for a 5-3 win–the fans were  treated to quite a show. The fans left sun drenched 80 degree Buckman Field (biggest crowd of the season) happy, and nodding their heads, said one loyal fan, “If it was easy it wouldn’t be as exciting for the fans, all the goals make it fun.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

DNA FC and PCU competed for 90 minutes

As was expected DNA FC had their hands full all night long with a tough and resilient PCU squad, that although was coming off some tough losses, competed until the final whistle. The final score was 5-3  but it doesn’t tell the story. DNA FC raced out to a 2-0 early lead only to blow it after PCU tied it 2-2, and that was the halftime score.

Goals by Manu and Jeff got DNA FC rocking early on

Manu and Jeff have been excellent contributors all season long, whether on the field or off the field, they’ve exemplary and it was nice to see them rewarded. Raymond Fry III, got a great run going down the wing and Manu slammed home the finish. Jeff later joined in on the action and worked a good shot corner pocket shot past the keeper. 2-0 DNA FC.

PCU gets PK that gets them going

Once PCU were awarded a penalty kick, it seemed to energize them. They took advantage of the momentum and quickly tied it at 2-2.

Total DNA FC team effort in the 2nd half

The second period, saw DNA FC once again, push the nitro button and go up 4-2, with Edson weaving some magic in the box. Titi Martinez then blasted the 4th home. PCU then shaved the lead to 4-3, and once again it was cardiac arrest time; hold on to your seat stuff for DNA FC and  its fans, as it was pretty evident the season was on the line. The 3 points were vital, everyone knew it.

Luckily for DNA FC, their defense put in a massive effort and put out all the fires. DNA shot stopper Edwin was called on to make some dramatic saves, some clutch stops, and Pierce, Tyber, Cabrera, Daniel and Jeff sniffed out the attacks to keep things in order.

Titi capped a great effort with decisive goals to seal the victory

PCU nearly tied it several times, but just in the nick of time, Titi Martinez hammered home the 5th goal and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Read the rest of this entry

Congrats to the Eastside Timbers – U18 OPL State Cup Champions!

Congratulations to the Eastside Timbers, newly crowned champions of the U-18 division of the OPL State Cup. DNA FC’s, Danny Garcia and Eric Ursua play their youth ball with Eastside and starred in the victory.

The Eastside Timbers defeated the OSSA Green in a very tense and hard fought match 1-0, as they scored early and held on tough. The OSSA Green hit the cross-bar late and gave it their all but there can only be one champion.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There was a big crowd on hand at the state cup to support both teams, and several DNA FC players and coaches were there cheering them on. The sky is the limit for these young men as they have not only had success at the youth level but are now seeing a lot of success as they make the transition to playing with top-level-adult players in the OPSL.

It is great to see that hard work they have put in, with the DNA FC program, has tangible benefits, measurable development, and was very evident… You could really see it on the field as their confidence and experience was noticeable; it also showed on their smiles as the boys hoisted the giant and shiny state cup trophy. When “Danny Boy” was asked what his next goal would be, he said, “To now win the OPSL Cup.” It seems that’s what winners do, set their sights on the next. Impressive answer for an 18 year old.

We look forward to watching these boys seek success in college or the pros one day. Congrats to all involved!

DNA FC knocks off OPSL Champions in convincing fashion! 3-2 win, with total team effort!

Saturday April 28th, Buckman Field, Portland, Oregon

By Moises Arellano

There’s been a lot of outstanding DNA FC teams over the last few seasons, but this version of DNA FC, let’s just call them the “Unit”,  has been the most rewarding collective group to be around, to see them grow week-by-week, their work ethic, their professionalism and team-centered spirit–it’s a blast to watch them play.

A very rewarding bunch indeed

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Forget the record through today. There’s been some tough results despite some excellent play this season, it makes a lot of sense to call this season a learning season or a rebuilding season but don’t tell that to this group, who feel like they’ve caught lightning in a bottle. They’re gelling at just the perfect time and are now hitting on all cylinders.

These DNA FC guys may not only have the highest upside, top-to-bottom, but more importantly they’re a total-team, the coaching staff has seen them grow through hard work and perseverance, and now that’s flourishing in full-bloom–make that full boom–with a full-throttle performance, and a convincing 3-2 win over Ips.

Portand, Oregon bore witness to a symphony concerto on a beautiful Saturday night for footy

 DNA FC never relinquished the lead, through good attacking play and gutsy defending, and never gave up, playing for each other, playing as a unit, more importantly as a true club, they largely bossed this entire encounter.

Every good team has their “bogey” team and for DNA FC, nothing more needs to be said, this opposition had beat us in the Championship Final and knocked us out of the playoffs 2 seasons in a row. Until as a club they got this particular monkey off their backs, there would always be whispers that DNA FC weren’t complete, that something was missing, that they couldn’t be the best until they beat the best.

Some recent battles versus these foes have been nasty bloody affairs, seemingly with DNA FC always waking up wondering where it went wrong. No more. That’s now ancient history and the sky is the limit for DNA FC, the players know it and they deserve it because they truly earned it.

In previous meetings versus our rivals, DNA FC would play sometimes perfect games and somehow it would unravel and they’d find a way to lose. Other times, they’d get a well-deserved thumping. Other times still, they’d fall victims to the emotional mind games, trickery, play acting, and let the dirty play throw the team for a loop. It’s kind of funny looking back now, as a program DNA FC now just laughs it all off, as their desperation, and with a quick shake of the head keeps chugging along, going about DNA’s own tasks.

True unit-true team

Everyone in the lineup, from the Goalkeeper on up played as a team. The defense was sharp, the midfield was in tune and the forwards were on task. It was a true unit.

Thomas and Manu were spectacular as the forwards, and their efforts were rewarded early on as Thomas broke through and drilled home for a powerful finish, a great effort, everyone was pumped up and ready to continue. One problem.

Center official calls off goal for 12-men on the field

As somebody who’s been around the sport for a while, that was a totally bizarre situation for everyone involved. The officials explained this situation well. Coach took the blame, everyone quickly moved on to the next. The DNA FC guys said to themselves okay, “let’s score again.” And sure enough, this time with 11-men on the field they decided to score again, the guys weren’t even fazed, they put their minds to it, done. Thomas drilled another goal in, his 2nd in minutes, assisted by A.B., 1-0 to DNA FC, this time for real. They’d never look back.

A.B. did a wonderful job pulling the strings in the middle and was also rewarded with a nice goal. The DNA FC defense lead by Cabrera was everywhere, completely shutting down anybody that would run at them. It was masterful team defense from everyone on the field, a unit. Ips did get 2 goals somehow, both in a couple of scrambles but you just got the feeling DNA FC would quickly focus and take care of business. They did just that.


The guys linked the passes, and Edson broke away on long spirited run, Read the rest of this entry

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