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Fall Season Is Underway!

Come out and watch DNA FC play Saturday nights at Tigard High School @8:00pm




WHERE: Buckman Fied, Portland, Oregon

The OPSL Trophy in all its glory!

DNA FC is going for the OPSL Cup, their 2nd final in last 4 season, tonight could be their first cup.

DNA FC into the OPSL Championship Final for  the 2nd time in 4 seasons

This season has been one of the most special in club history just as much for the play on the field as for the story behind it, overcoming every single boulder of an obstacle–and mountains of adversity along the way. Never say die. Sticking with it. No matter what happens tonight, that summarizes what has made DNA FC one of the most dynamic and entertaining clubs around. These young men could have thrown in the towel but they pulled themselves up by their boot straps and here they are, getting ready to compete for their first major trophy together as a club.

Come on out and support the fellas. Win or lose this is one proud club!

Stay tuned for match report details and pics. Moises

New DNA FC Video: Highlights from the big PLAYOFF WIN 2-1, over Kells FC Swoosh!

Awesome footage and highlights here folks. You can see how tight the match was and how DNA FC really had hang tough to get the win. Lots of great players out there on the field & some good looks at that here, a super killer game overall really.

<p><a href=”″>Fall 2012 OPSL Playoffs</a> from <a href=””>DNA FC</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

What else can they overcome? DNA FC launches another 2nd-half comeback, beats FC Swoosh–advances to OPSL Championship Final!

Fall 2012 OPSL PLayoffs: DNA FC vs. Kell's FC Swoosh

Fall 2012 OPSL PLayoffs: DNA FC vs. Kell’s FC Swoosh

Saturday night, December 7th 2012

Buckman Field, Portland, Oregon

By Moises Arellano

DNA FC shows even more resiliency and resolve–yet again beating Kells FC Swoosh 2-1

DNA FC wouldn’t have it any other way, it had to be an absolute nail-biter. Another comeback, and after a disastrous start to the season (0-4), they ousted the #1 seed in the OPSL playoffs and now have a 5-match unbeaten streak heading onto the OPSL Final. Improbable. Yes. Amazing comeback story. Yes. Absolutely true all of it. It’s the 2nd OPSL Championship Final appearance for DNA FC, in the last 4-seasons. They will be attempting to bring home their first OPSL Cup.

Fall 2012 OPSL PLayoffs: DNA FC vs. Kell's FC Swoosh

Fall 2012 OPSL PLayoffs: DNA FC vs. Kell’s FC Swoosh

Just like tic-tac-toe this game was a cat’s eye for a long time

After battling Kells FC Swoosh all night long, in a very well-played heavyweight bout worthy of the OPSL playoffs–DNA FC was down 1-0, and facing elimination with less than 30-minutes left to go. As they’ve shown all season long, they just stuck with it, and kept on going, played their hearts out and finally equalized and eventually took the lead in the 81st minute and hung on to advance to the Fall 2012 OPSL Final.

Dead-even 1st-half, back and forth momentum shifts but ultimately a standstill

Credit to both clubs they were up to the task and played with a high level of skill, effort and sportsmanship. When both teams play that way it leads to a dead even up-tempo match that seemed destined for extra-time. Exciting for fans but tense for participants. Try as they may, neither team could thoroughly control the match or momentum it was back and forth, gridlocked,  but both teams just could not break through as much as they tried to.

Fall 2012 OPSL PLayoffs: DNA FC vs. Kell's FC Swoosh

Fall 2012 OPSL PLayoffs: DNA FC vs. Kell’s FC Swoosh

Kells FC Swoosh the

#1 seed showed why they finished tops on points, but DNA FC never gave up on the season

The men from Nike have no weakness, a talented and determined squad, case in point, they shredded DNA FC with ease in their first meeting (4-2). It didn’t’ feel that close. But then somethings funny happened…DNA FC found competitive resolve, resiliency, some of the kids grew up and the chemistry grew, an old hero’s legend grew, they kept working . In essence it was a different DNA team by the next time they faced off, and DNA FC needed to win to even remotely have a hope of a good season as they were sitting (1-4). At the time Swoosh was undefeated. DNA FC won the rematch in clutch fashion 4-2, improving their record (2-4). Yet the playoffs were still improbable and a distant dream.

Fast forward to last night. After giving it their all, DNA FC found themselves losing and Swoosh was looking very much in control up 1-0 and had the momentum with 25 minutes left. The beautiful sport is a different type of sport though, there’s no time-out, it’s part of the unique qualities of the game, the players on the field have to respond on the field and pull together. DNA FC just did that. Each passing minute after the initial Swoosh goal lead to more and more Swoosh attacks, they were close to the 2nd goal but this changed when Chuchu fed Borce and just like that it was tied up, it changed the game completely.

Fall 2012 OPSL PLayoffs: DNA FC vs. Kell's FC Swoosh

Fall 2012 OPSL PLayoffs: DNA FC vs. Kell’s FC Swoosh

That small shift in momentum seemed to give DNA FC a little bit extra 

DNA FC had been there many times before all season long, bend but don’t break, never give up and all of a sudden the body language of the players changed and the offense re-awoke and many chances were created. Danny boy fed Borce who gave DNA FC the lead and the team defense hung on for a few nerve-wracking moments to win the match. Final score 2-1 to DNA.  Taking the 3rd meeting and the season series (2-1). Onward to the final.

There’s just too many MVP performances to list for DNA FC, but the truth is, just like the massive effort it took to turnaround an entire season, it was total  team-wide effort and the entire team was the MVP.

Stay tuned. Moises

DNA FC Playoffs Fall 2012: It’s Game Day!

WHAT: DNA FC vs. Kells FC Swoosh –Fall 2012 OPSL Playoffs Semifinal

WHEN: Tonight Saturday Night 6pm, December 8th 2012

WHERE: Buckman Field, Portland, Oregon

*Game time weather conditions: 43 degrees and 30% chance of rain showers. 

From dead last place to a 4-match unbeaten streak–to the playoffs and here we are today

Just mere hours away from the Fall OPSL Playoffs to kickoff 6pm at Buckman Field. The young men from DNA FC have worked extremely hard all fall long just to get here. Never giving up. It feels surreal to think how far the team has come and now today the day has arrived and from the looks and sounds of it, they’re ready to give it a go.

Their opponents Kells FC Swoosh are pretty good and will be tough customers, having finished #1 on points in the OPSL table. It’s exciting competition and should be really good footy.

Special thanks for all the continued support, the guys are excited to get after it and see if this dream can continue. See everyone out there tonight.

It’s now official–DNA FC will take on Kells FC Swoosh in Semifinal #1 of OPSL Playoffs!

The OPSL Trophy in all its glory!

The OPSL Trophy in all its glory!

The Fall 2012 OPSL Playoffs are upon us and the semifinals are now officially set. DNA FC will take on Kells FC Swoosh in the first semifinal on the night.

WHAT: OPSL Playoffs

WHEN: 6pm, Saturday, December 8th

WHERE: Buckman Field, Portland, Oregon

It will be the 3rd meeting between the clubs this season, this after both teams split their season series evenly (1-1). Both teams are coming into the playoffs with some momentum, Swoosh has been on a tear all season long and earned the #1 seed in the league. While DNA FC is riding in on a 4-match unbeaten streak. The level of play should be outstanding.

About DNA FC:

  • DNA FC never-say-die attitude and a miracle turnaround season

The young men from DNA have come a heck-of-a-long ways. After (4) matches they had exactly zero points. They righted the ship and really improved every week. It was an amazing transformation, unlikely, but incredibly inspiring. The guys put in all the work necessary to get to the playoffs, even if the playoffs were once a distant dream after the rough start. They arrived.

The talk all week will be about remembering what got them there and keep on doing what they’ve been doing to stay in that groove.

About Swoosh:

  • Kells Swoosh on a tear this season

Bulldozing through their opponents, Swoosh has displayed few weaknesses this season. They hit a mini-slump losing their bid for an undefeated season by losing to EMFC and DNA FC, they later bounced back and finished strong and claimed the #1 seed on points.

Should be some good footy played by these two familiar foes.

Stay tuned for more details. Moises

After earning their playoff spot, DNA FC rests up this weekend, readies for next weekend

This season is about the number (4) for DNA FC

→(4) consecutive seasons in-a-row DNA FC challenging for the OPSL Cup

Last season had a bittersweet end to a magnificent campaign, DNA FC missed the Championship game by only 1 measly point, many DNA FC players thought it could have been the strongest DNA rendition to date. That group faced a similar journey and was peaking at just the right time, winning their last game (8-1). That group didn’t get the chance, this group does get the chance to go out and show it. This season, the playoffs are back and DNA has a lot to look forward to, mainly the ability to test themselves against the very best to see how far, how much they’ve improved as a group. It’s going to be an exciting week in DNA land.

→(4) straight losses to begin the season

The early season blues were a tough stretch to live through for DNA. Accustomed to a certain level, standard of play, it was gut-wrenching to see all the decimating early season defensive injuries, offensive and defensive struggles, the losses piled up with this young group. It’s easy to be a part of something when everything is going right, but when things aren’t so easy, people reveal their true character, better or worse.

Some people piled on, thought they were better or could do it better, we said thank you and goodbye to them. Others cared and asked what was wrong? But there was only one way out, wasn’t there and that much was clear to the club.

As a group when you go through something like that, your feet put to the fire like that every week; you find out who really is on the same side and willing to go back to the drawing board and put in the work in training as one group; you find out who really are the ones who make it about them. You also find out who can work with their backs to the wall and go into each match week-after-week as if it’s their last and sacrifice for a collective goal.

We found out a lot about the character and resiliency of this group and it was great news!  Overwhelmingly guys stuck with it! It was awesome to watch. Guys just cared, their effort went up week-after-week you saw improvement. Development. Different guys stepped up, guys sacrificed and just stuck with it, never said die, and here we are today, a massive turnaround that few thought possible except those that wear the DNA FC jersey and are our true fans.

Thank you to all for believing!

→(4) consecutive-game-unbeaten streak

That’s not a typo. 3 clutch wins versus: PCU, Kells Swoosh, and champions IPS,  plus a heroic draw on the road down in frigid Eugene. That has DNA FC feeling pretty optimistic heading into the playoffs, although the opponent is yet to be determined, they know if they play the same way they’ve been playing then they’ll be in the game with a good chance to get it done.

Stay tuned. Moises

Remember this guy David “El Guaje” Villa

David Villa, simply one of the best strikers in the world, World Cup Champion, Euro Cup Champ, etc… Suffered a broken leg, came back and now is finding his form again. It’s awesome to see guys come back from devastating injuries like that. We’ve seen it with DNA FC, with Raul, Luis and Stevie now making awesome contributions again.

This beauty of a free-kick was the first of his two goals on the night.

Interesting bit of trivia here for those new to the area. The team Villa scored against today, and that Barca was playing against in the Copa del Rey, Deportivo Alaves, is a Basque side that made a great run in UEFA a while back seemingly out of nowhere, only to lose to mighty Liverpool in a thriller. They eventually were relegated from Spain’s Primera, then from Segunda, and now play in the Segunda B, the equivalent of the 3rd Division in Spain.

Well what does his have to do with local soccer you ask? Well, our own local big club, then a 2nd Division team far from the MLS, The Portland Timbers; a team that played on a converted Baseball field made a very good habit of feasting on Deportivo Alaves’ then newly formed sister team (2006). The team, the California Victory. Ah yes, you say the legendary California Victory. Same colors, same owners, same logo kind of.

In one of the wackiest chapters in the old USL and in recent American soccer, out of nowhere an Eastern European business tycoon put a soccer team smack down in the middle of a major city, San Francisco, CA. Only nobody really noticed except our local boys the Portland Timbers who would demolish the Victory every other week. They literally played the Victory like every other week when several USL teams folded and of course the poor hapless Victory folded as well soon thereafter. To make matters worse the Timbers owners at the time, were barely hanging on, or shrouded in mystery or interested more in baseball. That was pro soccer in the USA just less than 10 years ago, well at least in PDX.

I happened to sit through a few of those matches in old PGE Park, and it wasn’t what we’d call the beautiful game, but the drinks and food were cheap at least, maybe 3,000 fans dispersed in maybe 3 sections, and a beer garden, it felt normal then but weird too. As a player, it would give you an even weirder feeling, knowing that you could probably walk on the pitch err…cement and pretty easily give it a better go since the quality of play was so dubious at times, and that’s after having sipped on a couple of cheap cold ones in the stands. Maybe it was the cold ones talking…who knows… Some of the play was good enough to wonder if MLS could work in PDX, and yet some of the quality was unfortunate, but it could still bring a smile for better or worse. I wore turf shoes to matches just in case.

It’s funny how far the local soccer scene has come, a true soccer revolution the NW. Take tonight for example, the USWNT is in town and it barely causes anyone to flinch anymore. You walk through a local mall and you see all these new Timbers supporters with scarves, young and old proudly displaying their kits,  you turn the television on and national broadcasters are falling all over themselves praising the Timbers their supporters, the atmosphere etc.. At the time, very few people locally had even heard of or knew the Timbers even existed or still existed. It’s all mind blowing really.  Read the rest of this entry

DNA FC clinches playoff berth with come from behind 3-2 win over rivals–finish season on 4-match unbeaten streak!

Buckman Field, Saturday Night November 17th, 2012 

By Moises Arellano

The 4-match unbeaten streak continues for DNA

4-short matches ago, DNA FC was absolutely buried in the standings, a monumental 4-match unbeaten streak later and they clinched a playoff berth and with a well-earned (10 -points)–now winning (3 out of 4) versus: PCU, Swoosh, and rivals IPS and also earning a key confidence boosting heroic draw in Eugene vs. EMFC. This is fairy tale stuff the young men from DNA FC pulled off this season, an enormous turnaround, a true testament to the strength and resilience of DNA FC the club and everyone involved with the club.

DNA victory over IPS a microcosm of season, they just stuck with it once again, down 1-0, after giving up an own goal

In this match, yet again,  there was more adversity to overcome for DNA FC, but everything that is thrown at DNA FC these days is overcome with a sturdy mindset and stick-with-it never-say-die attitude, this is because when your record was (0-4) you either stuck with each other and believed in the club, well really there was no other option so it brought the group together, the group’s character really came to the forefront.

5-minutes into the match and DNA FC scores yet another own goal, and IPS took the early gift and looked in control 1-0. DNA had more injuries to deal with this week, par for the course. Recent hero Raul finished on 1-leg vs. EMFC the other swollen from the effort, 3-other starters from that day missing as well. But when the lineup finally got itself sorted out, they commanded the attention of onlookers by producing some beautiful football, great passing and with great spirit. The match was really enjoyable to watch as both teams created some good chances.

2nd half-DNA FC takes the reins of the game

Challenged at halftime to book a playoff ticket, it was going to take a great 2nd-half effort and boy did DNA give that effort. Storming out of the gates, they threaded some nifty passing together and IPS chopped down an onrushing Michael 1v1 with the keeper. Titi stepped up like he always has and does–wanted to take the spot kick. Keep in mind Titi, has never missed a PK in many seasons for DNA FC, 100% record from the spot. You liked his chances. Then the unbelievable happened, the kick sailed into the upper reaches of the Eath’s atmosphere, only find it’s date in unison with Neymar’s ball from his recent PK.

Finishing the deal with an epic comeback to cap–an epic-comeback-season

The DNA FC attack just grew stronger after every passing minute and eventually they weren’t going to be denied on this night as Michael and Chuchu did the business, each getting a great goal and each working for the other. It was great teamwork all night from the attackers and the defenders completely shut out the always dangerous hit-men or so it seemed. Edwin and company held strong and then another 2-defenders left the game injured for DNA within minutes, the momentum briefly shifted.

With 10-minutes to go it seemed this was DNA FC’s night. Up 2-1 and in total control it seemed like that’s how it would end but IPS had other ideas and as always proved a tough out. They scrambled for a late strike in the box. No worries for DNA FC though, they didn’t even blink, already having overcome so much adversity this season, injuries, tough losses and even beat-downs they didn’t blink, the thought of not picking up the win didn’t cross their mind.

Kenny the hero

The most unlikely of heroes rose to the occasion, that’s the beauty of team sports, that’s when you know your club is playing total team-ball. Kenny, one of the best teammates on a team with a great group of guys was the unlikely game winning hero but worthy of enjoying every last bit of the limelight and helping earn the club the sweet tasting playoffs ticket.

Kenny, always one of the first guys to arrive to training and one of the last to leave, and first to help out with whatever, a valuable asset to the club. A Swiss-army knife of a player that does a lot of the little things that go unnoticed perhaps but always willing to play in any position and will do an honest job trying to help his team win even if he’s injured. When the defense was obliterated with injuries, Kenny helped out the back-line, when results didn’t go our way, he didn’t complain, he didn’t moan and groan, point fingers, he stuck with it. When his minutes were down, he was ready to go the 90 in Eugene like he did and even helped teammates get there too.

As Chuchu took Danny boy’s beautiful ball down with grace and laid it off to Kenny, there wasn’t any doubt that Kenny struck it perfectly, he calmly kept his head down and hit it like he so often does at training with the force and class of a veteran hitter. DNA 3-2 over IPS!!!  Like they say practice makes perfect, all the practice, all the shots had paid off in an instant. Guys embraced. Did Walt Disney write this season and ending or what… From last place (0-4) to the playoffs and a massive win over tough rivals with Kenny hitting the game winner.

Congratulations to DNA FC players and staff for believing in each other, getting the job done and never doubting

Life is full of great surprises! Oh how sweet it is. DNA stuck with it, took it one-game-at-a-time, embraced the challenge of getting a little bit better each week and really put in the work this season to pull it off–together–and OPSL Playoffs here we come. Stay tuned. Moises

Ibra’s acrobatic finish–the best goal of the 2012!

True story. Watched the England vs. Sweden International Friendly this week. Looked like a good old fashion 2-1. Decent spurts of action but nothing worth waiting out until the 90th minute. It was one of those classic ironic deals, where your in complete shock. When someone later mentions to you, “Hey did you see the goal?”  Well you missed the best goal of the year and England ended up losing 4-2… but not before Zlatan Ibrahimovic made history.

That’s football for you. That’s why people love this game, just when everything is going according to plan, nothing ends up going according to plans and you miss being part of watching the most brilliant goal of 2012.

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